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This page contains various links containing useful information for the different content on the website and will be populated over time to include new links and information.

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External resources

Folding@home: A project which utilizes computing power to help fight disease Download the latest Linux kernel releases here

OpenStreetMap: Open contribution map platform, an alternative to Google Maps

Malwarebytes Anti-malware (recommended malware scanner for Windows/Mac)

7-Zip: A recommended tool for unzipping archives

Deepl: Excellent online translator tool which is very accurate and a great alternative to Google Translate

Opening file types/extensions

How to install .apk files on Android: A guide to installing apk files for Android smartphones/tablets

How to open a .nfo file on Windows: A guide on opening NFO text files on Windows

How to open .dlc files: Tutorial on opening .dlc files and an explanation of what the file extension does

Useful pages

AGR Technology Blog: Our main blog is where we share a range of tips, tricks, and technical information. (Click here to see recent comments)

AGR Technology Software: Contains all our software utilities

AGR Technology Videos: Library of all video content

Our Services: Contains all business services that AGR Technology offers

Tech Glossary: Contains different pages with definitions for common phrases and jargon used in technology

Online Tools: Contains links to all our web-based tools

Locations: Includes a sitemap of locations we can service

Miscellaneous Projects: Contains some other random projects we have put together

Why SEO guarantees are BS: Explains why the practice of providing guaranteed SEO results is false

Useful tutorials/guides

How to remove adware from your computer: An in-depth guide on scanning for and removing different types of adware

How to speed up your computer: A tutorial covering a number of ways to help speed up your computer

How to scan files with multiple antivirus apps all at once: A tutorial on scanning files with multiple antivirus utilities

Bypass Windows password using Kon-Boot: A tutorial on using Konboot to reset a forgotten Windows password

How to take screenshots on Windows 7 and higher: A quick guide on taking screenshots across Windows versions

How to subscribe to RSS feeds: A quick guide on subscribing to RSS feeds to keep up-to-date on content from multiple sources

How to find Wi-Fi password on Windows: Goes through the process of extracting Wi-Fi passwords from a Windows computer

How to install the .NET framework on Windows: Explains how to install the framework to run software provided on this website

How to keep your Linux system up-to-date: Provides a script and simple way to keep your Linux packages up-to-date

How to add widgets to your website: Provides steps for different CMSs to add HTML/JavaScript widgets

How to find your Windows product key: Provides a step-by-step guide on finding your Windows product key

How to calculate hashes for your files: Walks through the process of verifying the hashes for files on your computer

How to accept Cryptocurrency payments on your website: A blog post guide that covers different platforms businesses can use if they wish to accept Cryptocurrency payments on their website.

Cheapest POS System for Restaurants: This contains a list of various POS platforms that are well-suited for restaurants with a lower budget.

Best retail POS systems for small businesses: Contains a list of different POS vendors which work well for small retail businesses.

Best learning management system for small business: A list of different LMS platforms suited towards small to medium businesses with pros and cons of each provided.

List of some of the best chatbot applications for websites: A list of some great chatbot applications you can add to your website to help with customer service.

Best VPNs for torrenting: A list of different quality VPN platforms for those looking to secure their connection when using file-sharing protocols like Bittorrent.

Best Crypto exchanges in Norway: A list of some different platforms to consider when looking to buy and sell Crypto assets in Norway.

Best podcast hosting platforms: A list of some of the best podcast hosting services on the market which we recommend to individuals and businesses wanting to start a podcast.

Best Cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia: A collection of some well-known crypto exchanges that work in the Australian market.

Best VPNs for Australians: Curated list of different VPN services ideal for Australian users looking for options to access foreign content and secure their connections.

Best Cryptocurrency exchanges in New Zealand: A curated list of some of the best and most popular crypto exchanges for the New Zealand market.

Best Cryptocurrency exchanges & apps in Dubai: A curated list of different Crypto exchanges for the Dubai market.

How to host Zoom meetings: A quick and simple guide to help people wanting to host a meeting on the video conferencing application Zoom.

How to manage your business listing on Google & Bing: A step-by-step guide to help business owners manage their Google and Bing business profiles and add/manage content.

How to buy Bitcoin in Australia: A simple guide that talks about simple ways anyone can follow to get started buying & selling Crypto assets such as Bitcoin in Australia.

Interactive tool to help you find the best Cryptocurrencies to buy right now: Interactive data tool that pulls in up-to-date prices of popular assets like Bitcoin, ETH, Polkadot and other Cryptocurrencies.

Best small business loans for Australians: A comparison buyers guide article that walks you through severall different online loan platforms ideal for small businesses in Australia looking to secure extra financing.

Best Cryptocurrency exchanges for Hong Kong users: A buyers guide article that highlights different Cryptocurrency exchange and wallet platforms for users in Hong Kong.

Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters: A buyers guide for USA consumers on choosing different cell signal booster units to improve their phone reception.

Best Cryptocurrency exchanges & trading applications for Taiwan users: A buyers guide article that highlights some popular options for those in Taiwan looking for a Cryptocurrency platform to buy and trade Crypto.

Site Assets

PAD files for AGR Technology: A page containing download links to PAD files of our software designed for software portals/directories

Badges/seals: Contains embedded buttons for webmasters to link to the AGR Technology website

Press releases & media kit: Contains press releases released by AGR Technology along with a media kit to download containing our logos for use on third-party websites/publications.