Diversity & Inclusion

AGR Technology is committed to non-discrimination and equal opportunity throughout all business practices. We value and respect diverse life experiences and heritages, and we make certain that all voices are valued and heard. We consider diversity, inclusion, and equity to be a key part of our mission and essential to the well-being of our employees, contractors, clients and all the communities we serve.

AGR Technology follows the following policies to promote diversity and inclusion within our business through creating learning opportunities and transparent policies to encourage cultural competency across our organisation and the below topics/concepts:

  • LGBTQA+ inclusion and awareness
  • Accessibility and disability
  • Involvement in well-being
  • Advocate for policies that promote diversity, inclusion, and equity in the public and private sectors
  • Challenge inequitable, oppressive, and disparate systems and policies
  • Continuously review ideas and foster collaboration towards improvement

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