Code Of Ethics

AGR Technology is dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of integrity in all of our business practices. This Code of Ethics has been adopted to guide our employees and contractors in conducting business legally, ethically, and responsibly.

Sincerity and fairness

In all of our interactions with customers, employees, and business partners, we are truthful and forthright. We do not make false or misleading statements about our products or services. We do not engage in unfair or deceptive acts or practices.

Potential conflicts of interest

We avoid situations in which our personal or commercial interests conflict with the interests of others or with our obligation to provide objective services. Employees and contractors are required to disclose any actual or potential conflicts of interest.

Editorial policy


Our information will be accurate, balanced, and open. The information provided will be evaluated using the best available scientific evidence, with sources cited whenever possible. Conjecture or opinion will be clearly indicated where it appears in the content.


AGR Technology is accountable to its audiences and will treat them fairly. We will be open to admitting mistakes and will promote a learning culture through user feedback.

Serving the general public

When sourcing and developing content, AGR Technology will prioritize the interests of its audiences. We will consult with relevant professionals, experts, and other individuals and businesses, but the interests of our clients will always come first.

Decency and taste

All content on our website will be appropriate for a general audience and will not contain material that could be considered offensive.

Fairness and diversity of opinion

Our content will be objective, unbiased, and balanced. Where opinions differ and there is no scientific consensus, we will reflect all significant points of view and state the uncertainty clearly.


We are committed to upholding strict privacy safeguards. Personal information, including correspondence, will not be disclosed without the user’s prior explicit consent, unless required by law (such as a Court Order) or disclosure is in the public interest. Where photographic images are used, permission from service users will be sought.


Our online communications are supported by AGR Technology. AGR Technology is a registered Australian business.


We safeguard our clients, employee, contractor and business partners confidential information and only disclose it when permitted or required by law.

We also take cyber security very seriously and employ a number of measures to protect all forms of data and assets.


We are committed to conducting business in an ethical and sustainable manner. We take into account the environmental, social, and economic consequences of our decisions and actions. We strive to reduce our negative impacts while increasing our positive contributions to society.

These principles apply to all of our operations and reflect our commitment to doing business in a legal, ethical, and responsible manner.

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