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The Cannabis/Hemp market has grown significantly in recent years and is expected to hit $57 billion in spending by 2027 worldwide according to Forbes so ensuring your brand is well optimised and accessible is key if you want to get into this industry.

If you are considering selling these products on your website or blog, it’s a great idea to hire an SEO services company like AGR Technology to help you get the most out of your marketing efforts for your CBD/Cannabis brand.

While we specialize in helping clients with innovative CBD marketing/SEO strategies, Our team of CBD SEO experts can help your website or blog improve its search engine ranking and increase traffic across local, national or international markets.

Our SEO agency has extensive experience developing, executing, and optimizing SEO for companies in the different industries and can help with CBD SEO as well. We offer an in-depth analysis of CBD company websites and SEO strategy and make recommendations based on your company’s unique situation.




We aim to be one the best CBD SEO companies in the space and help our clients get ahead through a combination of high quality service, business strategy and advanced technology.

Why your CBD business needs SEO?


When it comes to CBD, SEO is often overlooked. Many businesses don’t think their  business needs SEO, but it does. It’s easy to get lost in the hype of  the growing CBD industry and the fact many CBD sellers/suppliers have launched eCommerce stores and forget that you must also be found online if you hope to stand out.

However, most have problems with success due to payment processing, not using PPC properly, and not implementing a proper CBD SEO strategy. It’s no secret that SEO is the foundation for your business. Without a strong SEO presence in the major search engines, you risk being buried by the competition in the SERP’s and overtaken by competitors with stronger campaigns and marketing budgets.

That’s why getting your SEO strategy up and running for your CBD brand is critical!

Our SEO experts have the knowledge and experience to create an SEO plan to help your CBD business grow. We use data-driven tactics that provide measurable results and generate more leads and sales for your CBD company. With our powerful and proven SEO strategies, we can help you achieve top rankings sustainably for the long-term.

Some of our SEO achievements:

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How does CBD SEO help your business?





Our Cannabis SEO experts will help your website improve its search engine ranking by optimizing for different keywords and variations, metadata, backlinks along with a myriad of other technical factors to ensure your website is well positioned.

AGR Technology SEO strategies ensure that your brand is authoritative and that your content is well structured allowing you to rank for multiple terms through a combination of traditional SEO values, outreach linkbuilding and proprietary technology developed in house.

How we increase domain authority of your CBD brand?


  • Find the best long-tail keywords
  • Meta tags and descriptions (these are important for your CBD industry SEO and ranking)
  • Find your niche and publish quality content
  • Optimized internal linking techniques
  • Check your competitors and incorporate good practices they are applying to their sites
  • Apply CBD on-page SEO and interlinking
  • Technical optimization and code improvements
  • Improve site speed, core web vitals and UX
  • Conduct Off-site CBD SEO strategy and backlinking
  • Share and syndicate your content to social media platforms and branded profiles

Our winning SEO strategies for cannabis and CBD services

SEO is an ever-growing multi-faceted approach  that involves a number of different factors, some of the areas we take care of for you include the following to help you grow your Cannabis business with best SEO practices:

CBD Niche and competitor analysis


We will provide a thorough analysis of your business, such as your brand name, website, competition, and the search terms driving traffic to your website. We will also provide you with a competitive analysis of your competitors so we can formulate an effective strategy to beat the competition and ensure your positioned for growth.

Creation of top-notch cannabis and CBD content


Content is an integral part of the cannabis search engine marketing process. If you do not have high-quality content to drive your website traffic, you will struggle to get people interested in your products and services.

Our SEO content writers will thoroughly analyze your business and formulate an appropriate content strategy tailored towards CBD and the various keywords you’re going after.

Recover your CBD site from Google penalties


If you’re not ranking well organically in search engine results or have seen a sharp decline in traffic you may be victim of a penalty.

We can help recover your CBD business website from a penalty in Google or other search engines and help restore your traffic once again.

On-Page optimization

On-Page SEO

On-Page optimization is the act of fixing your website’s content, structure, and functionality. It is important to stay on top of your On-Page SEO game. We can help you with this process and ensure that it has all the necessary technical best practices applied.

Off-Page optimization (Linkbuilding)

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page optimization is the act of acquiring high-quality backlinks from around the web to boost your pages and outrank your competitor’s websites. This is vital to keep your CBD business in line with the competition and ensure that your CBD site ranks organically on search engines. A better off-page campaign for your cannabis website will help you outrank your competitors and acquire better-quality links.

Our CBD SEO company can help you monitor several major websites for your competitors and ensure that your CBD site can also get the same link opportunities and links your competition doesn’t have. Our CBD SEO agency helps with Off-page optimization activities such as Inbound Link Building, Digital PR, Content Syndication, Directory Submissions, and Keyword-Targeting.

CBD website technical SEO optimization


This type of SEO is the process of optimizing your website to make sure it is ready for search engines. It involves ensuring that all the relevant code is in place, that all the content is being crawled, and that the page speed is as fast as possible. If you are interested in getting your cannabis website ranked higher in search engines, then technical SEO optimization for cannabis dispensaries is essential.

Our CBD SEO experts will look at your website’s technical aspects and identify areas for improvement. Once we identify these areas for improvement, we’ll work with you to ensure your website is optimized in the best way possible with technology and industry best practices applied at all times.

CBD SEO keyword research


Are you looking for ways to boost organic traffic to your cannabis website? Or, do you want to optimize your CBD content for search engines like Google? Then, you need to focus on doing SEO keyword research for your CBD content.

This will allow you to find out which keywords bring people to your site this is a vital part of any SEO campaign as picking the wrong keywords can result in you waiting for a very long time to see any traffic or picking keywords that don’t match the correct intent.

We can help you with this step by using the right keywords for your cannabis website including commercial keywords, navigational and informational keywords.

Cannabis local SEO

Local SEO To Boost Visibility

If you plan to launch a cannabis website you shouldn’t ignore local SEO. This is because most people search for products and services close to their homes. If don’t choose to target appropriate cities and towns you may be missing out on lots of targeted traffic.

We can help craft well-structured pages and apply local SEO in platforms like Google Maps and Bing to get you seen locally and rank statewide or nationally.

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