This page contains all of our freeware and opensource utilities in a convenient place ready for download, we hope you find our software useful. For any questions, feedback or requests be sure to join the community where you can help contribute towards development and interact with other users.

In addition to providing these programs we also offer a custom software development service for business owners in Australia and beyond who would like an application built for their specific needs as well as online tools you can use in your browser for free.




NetAudit is a simple easy to use Windows utility designed to combine several network tools which would usually be ran through the command-line into a simple GUI instead. In addition to been able to run these tools/commands NetAudit will track each command and log it to a text file for later analysis. More information



Hashtoolbox is a free opensource portable utility which allows you to quickly and easily calculate the hashes for different files on your computer. It supports all common hash functions such as MD5, SHA, SHA-1 and more. More information

 WiFi Password Recovery Tool



This small portable Windows program allows you to quickly and effortlessly extract wireless passwords for networks you have connected to on your computer in the event you forgot the password or need to setup a new device on the network. More information

SmartPass – CLI Password Generator



SmartPass is a free opensource command-line tool to keep in your arsenal allowing you to effortlessly create randomized secure passwords for all your online accounts. More information

Windows Product Key Finder


This free program will enable you to easily recover your Windows product key directly from the registry to note down whenever you may need it. More information


Does your software include any adware or bundled content?

Absolutely not, we believe in been transparent with our software and don’t bundle advertising or other content within our applications.

Can I download a combined package of all these utilities?

Not currently but we are looking to get this implemented soon.