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How AGR Technology can help you with your Graphic design needs

When it comes to your business having a visually appearing, eye catching logo is essential to help you stand out from the crowd and make your creative mark.

Using our experience over the years we can help create different designs for your personal or business projects.

Here are some examples of how our logo designing service can be used:

  • Logo’s for your business, website or social profiles
  • Identity design and branding
  • Large scale banners and sign prints
  • Logo’s and icons for your marketing collateral e.g. business cards, flyers, brochures etc
  • Other branding exercises

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Reviews from our happy clients:


Justine Brummans

Alessio is both incredibly knowledgeable and personable! He gave me great advice that was catered to me and my situation. Thank you Alessio! Super helpful!

Justine Brummans Owner at Brummans Education

Springfield Equestrian Park

Alessio is amazing! I can not speak highly enough of how helpful and knowledgeable he is, my website he created far exceeded my expectations, he is so accomodating and I can only wish him every success with his business. I rate AGR technology 10 out of 10.

Emily Bannister

Legacy Energy

We used AGR Technology and dealt with Alessio to design and build our website as well as host our emails. Alessio was a pleasure to deal with and had plenty of ideas that we could implement into our site. He has a great attention to detail, he is also very polite in understanding our goals and what we wanted to achieve with our website.

Thanks mate,
Alex & Rob

Alexander Stamatakis

Excellent Service

Alessio developed our website for our business and has done a wonderful job. He is very personable and knowledgeable. We have enjoyed working with him. We will be referring others to him and highly recommend him to those who need Tech advice.

Rebecca Mustey Owner of Kyabram District Garden Supplies

MRC Performance

I have been in business for over 10 Years and recently moved to AGR Technology for all our IT needs. They are able to fix nearly anything remotely and always very helpful in recommending appropriate hardware upgrades that do the job as required but not costing more than needed.


Alessio provided an excellent service. He was very dedicated in his method of finding solutions to problems. He continued to try different avenues until he found the reason as to why a particular application was not working. He was very knowledgeable in his understanding of the internet and of applications and how they work, and he was able to apply this knowledge in understanding how to resolve the obstacles that continued to appear. He is understanding towards his client's needs and goals and he is willing to work with his client in achieving those goals. He is a very polite and well mannered person and very calm and gentle in his approach. I would highly recommend Alessio's services to anyone.

Salvatore Arturo Lamagna

Palmira Rigoli

Great work ethics Alessio! We at Totally Gluten Free Products are very happy to have you on board as our IT and SEO master. Very reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable in the field.


YouTube Comment

Brilliant work! thanks very much, you saved my day. I liked the fact that you're articulate as well.

Zak Mitala

Nat's Custom Designs

Alessio from AGR Technology has recently helped me create a website for my business.
Throughout the whole process from start to finish Alessio made the process easy for me, by calling me and explaining each step of the way. I'm not very computer savvy, but with Alessio taking the time to explain in detail everything I needed to know from putting inventory in to having it shipped. He even remotely joined my computer to help guide me through everything.

He's very knowledgeable and is experienced in everything I needed and if there was anything else I needed to know that wasn't something he was familiar with, he researched it.
I would HIGHLY recommend Alessio to anyone. He has not only helped me for now but I know that if I ever needed help with anything else he would definitely go above and beyond to help. Thank you so much for everything you have done. It's been a long process but well worth it 🙂

Natalie Moore Business Owner

Byron Macumber

AGR Technology is amazing. not only do they stick with you through out the process, they also accommodate to your wants and needs. They are efficient in their work and they have high integrity. Their capabilities are shown through their website design, and appropriate knowledge of utilities regarding software. over the many years of working with them they have been fantastic. I would recommend to everyone

Byron Macumber

Very helpful

Alessio was thorough, diligent and kept me updated at all time points. I was very impressed with his performance, passion and dedication. I will continue to use his services.

Business In Melbourne

Wantrup & Associates

Alessio of AGR Technology is an IT guy we rely on whenever we need IT help. His professionalism impressed us right at the first time. He solved many of our IT problems in no time. Excellent communication and speedy response.
We highly recommend this company

From a happy customer


Valeria Bianco

I received AGR contact information from a previous client, who had found their service excellent. So I contacted AGR with some expectations, and I can say they exceeded them. Professional, honest, punctual, reliable, their service is faultless. We can't recommend them highly enough.

Valeria Bianco Owner of Soultrees

Very fast, value for money and a comprehensive service

AGR is professional, organised and very skilled at what they do. They take the initiative, looking after all the details that you would not have thought of to enhance your website presence, marketing funnel and automated appointment bookings. Big bonus - pricings are at a fraction of the cost of competitors.

Maria CEO

Technical help

A great asset when building a website and expertise in technical help.

Customer from Melbourne

Customer testimonial

Alessio from AGR Technology is wonderful at gently guiding the less technically savvy users to solve problems. Back up service excellent. Highly recommended

Belinda Liggins

SEO for website

The team is very cooperative and delivers clean and very efficient work.

Muhammad Asim SEO

Raimond Volpe

Nothing but good things to say about Alessio. He has been great service and great at communicating with me by both phone and email. Very good knowledge and problem-solving ability with our web development. I would thoroughly recommend Alessio and AGR Technology to anyone wanting online marketing or web development

Raimond Volpe CEO Dynamo Selling

Website design

Big thank you to Alessio at AGR Technology for a smooth and easy website development process. Nothing was to difficult to accomplish, I can highly recommend his first class service.

Shaban Mehmet Director Version1Software

Servicing businesses in Shepparton (Goulburn Valley), Australia-wide and beyond

A snapshot of some of our work!

Other types of designs we can help you with

MVP Designs

With our experienced visual design services, you can maximise the potential of your Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Our team can help develop visually appealing and user-centric designs for MVPs. Our designers are dedicated to developing exciting visual experiences that resonate with your target audience, whether you’re launching a new app or a game-changing product. With our smart and aesthetically pleasing designs, you can boost your MVP’s appeal and user engagement, laying the groundwork for a successful market debut.

Business Card Design

With our custom business card design services, you may improve your professional image. At AGR Technology, we understand the significance of making an impression. Our talented graphic designers collaborate with you to capture the spirit of your business and seamlessly transmit it onto a little canvas. We personalise each business card to suit your unique identity, from sleek and modern designs to classic and sophisticated layouts. With our bespoke business card designs that stand out in any networking situation, you can make every introduction memorable and impactful.

Flyer Design

With our dynamic flyer design services, you can make a statement and attract attention. We will work with you to create eye-catching and appealing flyers that successfully communicate your message at AGR Technology. Whether marketing an event, a product, or a service, our talented designers combine creativity with strategic messaging to create visually appealing pictures. Our flyer designs are customised to attract your target demographic, from brilliant colour schemes to appealing typography. Professionally designed flyers that stand out and encourage engagement can help you maximise your promotional efforts and make a memorable impression.

T-Shirt Design

Elevate your look with [Your Company Name’s] one-of-a-kind T-shirt design services. Our expert designers combine creativity and quality to bring your vision to life on luxurious fabrics. We cater to every aesthetic, whether you’re searching for current, vintage, or unique designs. We put passion into each design from start to finish, guaranteeing that your T-shirt becomes a conversation piece. Explore our wide choice of themes, from pop culture to personalised graphics, and let your clothing speak for itself. Stand out with wearable art that is unique to you and expresses your personality and interests.

Advertising Creatives

With our experienced advertising creative services, you may increase your brand’s visibility across several digital channels. AGR Technology will assist in the creation of captivating visuals for a variety of platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, and others. Our talented staff customises each creative to the specific style of each platform, ensuring maximum impact and interaction. We use the power of visual storytelling to improve your brand’s digital presence, from scroll-stopping visuals to intriguing video content. Allow us to turn your campaigns into unforgettable experiences that reverberate throughout social media landscapes, resulting in meaningful connections and conversions.

3D Drawing Blueprints / Files

With our experienced file development services, you can unleash the potential of 3D printing. AGR Technology can turn your ideas into practical reality. Our talented 3D designers diligently develop files that flawlessly transfer your ideas into printed marvels. Whether you’re picturing prototypes, custom items, or detailed designs, our team uses cutting-edge technology to assure precision and detail. From CAD modelling to file optimisation, we tailor our services to your individual requirements. With our 3D printing file creation services, you may dive into the world of boundless creativity and bring your imagination to life layer by layer.

Posters & Magazines

With our poster and magazine design expertise, you can elevate your visual communication. Our designers produce spectacular images that engage and enlighten, whether you’re advertising an event or exhibiting your business in print. From eye-catching posters to polished magazine layouts that convey a fascinating tale, we combine creativity and strategy to make a lasting impact. Allow us to turn your ideas into visually appealing posters and magazines that will connect with your audience and make a statement in both print and digital venues.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


What file formats do you support?

We can deliver your designs in all common file extensions such as .jpg, .png, .pdf as well as the source Adobe Photoshop file (.psd) so you can make edits later if required.

Do you offer revisions if I am not happy with a design?

Yes we offer revisions if you are not 100% satisfied with your logo.