SmartPass is a free simple-to-use command line program that helps you quickly generate randomized passwords consisting of letters (lower and upper case), numbers, and symbols which all contribute towards secure hard-to-crack passwords.

When it comes to security having complex passwords is crucial however creating such passwords is often difficult and inconvenient which often results in people using weak easy-to-crack passwords for their online accounts.

In order to get started click the button below to download SmartPass onto your computer, the program is free and supports Windows, Mac, and Linux so download it now to start creating better passwords for your online life.


No more insecure passwords

How to create secure passwords









With SmartPass you will get unique random passwords every time so you can rest assured that the passwords you’re using are not easy to guess or ones you may have already used on other accounts with this free open-source utility


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MD5: 4a0ec491fd95ca8a036cad5a0f857de4

SHA-256: 528aa53d472acd2ecca76c286073d9f0819c3a5e83d3a054b81e88ada25bc068

Verify file hash using Hashtoolbox


This program is an open-source project and is licensed under the terms of the GPL3. If you would like to contribute to the project you can find source code over here on GitHub here.

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