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What is SEO and why is it important for Canberra businesses?

Search engines like Google and Bing are the primary source of traffic for most businesses in Australia and around the world.

In fact, the majority of internet purchases usually begin with a simple Google search. People will actively search online for a product or service that they desire, so it is critical that your company is prominently displayed in order to capture this massive amount of traffic.

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving your website so it can be found easier by search engines and end-users.

Working with AGR Technology you will benefit from our experience along with a tailored strategy to help your website grow and secure more relevant traffic from your target market.

How SEO works in Canberra & beyond?

Play the following video below to get an idea of what SEO is and how it works:



Some reviews from happy clients


Justine Brummans

Alessio is both incredibly knowledgeable and personable! He gave me great advice that was catered to me and my situation. Thank you Alessio! Super helpful!

Justine Brummans Owner at Brummans Education

Springfield Equestrian Park

Alessio is amazing! I can not speak highly enough of how helpful and knowledgeable he is, my website he created far exceeded my expectations, he is so accomodating and I can only wish him every success with his business. I rate AGR technology 10 out of 10.

Emily Bannister

Legacy Energy

We used AGR Technology and dealt with Alessio to design and build our website as well as host our emails. Alessio was a pleasure to deal with and had plenty of ideas that we could implement into our site. He has a great attention to detail, he is also very polite in understanding our goals and what we wanted to achieve with our website.

Thanks mate,
Alex & Rob

Alexander Stamatakis

Excellent Service

Alessio developed our website for our business and has done a wonderful job. He is very personable and knowledgeable. We have enjoyed working with him. We will be referring others to him and highly recommend him to those who need Tech advice.

Rebecca Mustey Owner of Kyabram District Garden Supplies

MRC Performance

I have been in business for over 10 Years and recently moved to AGR Technology for all our IT needs. They are able to fix nearly anything remotely and always very helpful in recommending appropriate hardware upgrades that do the job as required but not costing more than needed.


Alessio provided an excellent service. He was very dedicated in his method of finding solutions to problems. He continued to try different avenues until he found the reason as to why a particular application was not working. He was very knowledgeable in his understanding of the internet and of applications and how they work, and he was able to apply this knowledge in understanding how to resolve the obstacles that continued to appear. He is understanding towards his client's needs and goals and he is willing to work with his client in achieving those goals. He is a very polite and well mannered person and very calm and gentle in his approach. I would highly recommend Alessio's services to anyone.

Salvatore Arturo Lamagna

Palmira Rigoli

Great work ethics Alessio! We at Totally Gluten Free Products are very happy to have you on board as our IT and SEO master. Very reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable in the field.


YouTube Comment

Brilliant work! thanks very much, you saved my day. I liked the fact that you're articulate as well.

Zak Mitala

Nat's Custom Designs

Alessio from AGR Technology has recently helped me create a website for my business.
Throughout the whole process from start to finish Alessio made the process easy for me, by calling me and explaining each step of the way. I'm not very computer savvy, but with Alessio taking the time to explain in detail everything I needed to know from putting inventory in to having it shipped. He even remotely joined my computer to help guide me through everything.

He's very knowledgeable and is experienced in everything I needed and if there was anything else I needed to know that wasn't something he was familiar with, he researched it.
I would HIGHLY recommend Alessio to anyone. He has not only helped me for now but I know that if I ever needed help with anything else he would definitely go above and beyond to help. Thank you so much for everything you have done. It's been a long process but well worth it ๐Ÿ™‚

Natalie Moore Business Owner

Byron Macumber

AGR Technology is amazing. not only do they stick with you through out the process, they also accommodate to your wants and needs. They are efficient in their work and they have high integrity. Their capabilities are shown through their website design, and appropriate knowledge of utilities regarding software. over the many years of working with them they have been fantastic. I would recommend to everyone

Byron Macumber

Very helpful

Alessio was thorough, diligent and kept me updated at all time points. I was very impressed with his performance, passion and dedication. I will continue to use his services.

Business In Melbourne

Wantrup & Associates

Alessio of AGR Technology is an IT guy we rely on whenever we need IT help. His professionalism impressed us right at the first time. He solved many of our IT problems in no time. Excellent communication and speedy response.
We highly recommend this company

From a happy customer


Valeria Bianco

I received AGR contact information from a previous client, who had found their service excellent. So I contacted AGR with some expectations, and I can say they exceeded them. Professional, honest, punctual, reliable, their service is faultless. We can't recommend them highly enough.

Valeria Bianco Owner of Soultrees

Very fast, value for money and a comprehensive service

AGR is professional, organised and very skilled at what they do. They take the initiative, looking after all the details that you would not have thought of to enhance your website presence, marketing funnel and automated appointment bookings. Big bonus - pricings are at a fraction of the cost of competitors.

Maria CEO

Technical help

A great asset when building a website and expertise in technical help.

Customer from Melbourne

Customer testimonial

Alessio from AGR Technology is wonderful at gently guiding the less technically savvy users to solve problems. Back up service excellent. Highly recommended

Belinda Liggins

SEO for website

The team is very cooperative and delivers clean and very efficient work.

Muhammad Asim SEO

Raimond Volpe

Nothing but good things to say about Alessio. He has been great service and great at communicating with me by both phone and email. Very good knowledge and problem-solving ability with our web development. I would thoroughly recommend Alessio and AGR Technology to anyone wanting online marketing or web development

Raimond Volpe CEO Dynamo Selling

Website design

Big thank you to Alessio at AGR Technology for a smooth and easy website development process. Nothing was to difficult to accomplish, I can highly recommend his first class service.

Shaban Mehmet Director Version1Software

Working with businesses of all sizes to help them with their digital needs

Why work with us?

Agr logo pic search engine optimisation

SEO & accomplishments

Other AGR Technology SEO benefits:

Long-term Results & Massive ROI for your business

We are ROI focused and this applies to all SEO campaigns we conduct for our clients, we strongly believe in prioritising the most “quick wins” as possible for your business so you can see a return on your investment early on with your campaign.

High-quality SEO efforts require time, and we recognise that when you engage with us, time is limited. That is why, from the moment you begin working with us, we will establish a timeline to provide you with realistic expectations.

In-house technology and hands on experience

We pride ourselves on “walking the walk” and actively rank our own assets as well as build and maintain custom in-house technologies and research and development to constantly identify oppurtunities and new ways to get ahead online. These internal systems are incorporated into our campaigns allowing our clients to benefit from extensive testing and research.

Affordable SEO Company services for different sized businesses

Whether your starting out or well established our expertise can help your business with affordable solutions that can help them grow overtime and become leaders in their market.

There are many professional SEO agencies in Australia and around the world, and we are proud to be one of them. Our SEO Canberra services go above and above for our customers, allowing them to choose a package that fits their budget.

Monitoring & maintenance to keep your website competitive

AGR Technology keeps your website and SEO activity up to date with Google’s algorithm by performing daily maintenance and delivering monthly reports to track your position in search result pages.

Get in contact to discuss your SEO needs



The pillars of effective Canberra SEO strategy

SEO Breakdown

Search engines such as Google and Bing rely on thousands of different factors to determine if any given page is better than another.

This is why it’s key to determine the right SEO objectives and back this up with experience and execution.

AGR Technology will work with you to take care of the following:

Strategic content planning and marketing


Once you have your core website built, business registered, and domain name it’s time to think about quality content. Gone are the days when a handful of commercial pages is enough. Today you need high-quality content your customers will appreciate.

We can help implement the right content strategy by focusing on strategic topics related to your products and services and help build a sales funnel leading potential customers closer to your commercial offer.

Link building


Links (commonly referred to as backlinks) coming in from other websites on the internet towards your own website is still a very important factor for ranking in competitive markets.

When it comes to backlinking however quality over quantity is key as links from spam websites can be toxic and hurt your website’s ranking ability whilst links from high-quality websites can be helpful.

Using our vast contacts and years of experience we can help you secure high-quality links that move the needle to help improve your rankings.

Social media & content broadcasting


Social media and SEO go hand in hand and can complement each other when it comes to getting more visibility for your website.

Not only can we help you with content creation but also help you set up systems to automatically share your content to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and more.

Enterprise SEO


If you are a large franchise company or multi-national business that manages many locations or business listings. We can help you build a strong SEO campaign that is scalable for large enterprise businesses.

Branding and digital PR


An important part of any business is branding, we can help craft an eye-catching logo for your brand and also produce other graphic design and marketing collateral such as flyers, banners, and more.

In addition, we can craft branded press releases and distribute them to many different news websites and aggregators.

Canberra Pay-Per-Click (Canberra PPC) Advertising


SEO is a powerful long-term marketing strategy that can take some time to execute properly which is why we often recommend a good combination of PPC and SEO in tandem to help you get a balance of short-term and long-term results for your campaign.

Pay Per Click Advertising works on the idea of paying for every click generated within a search engine for a specific phrase on Google, Bing, or YouTube.

We can help you craft custom PPC/SEM campaigns with a fixed monthly budget so you can pull in relevant commercial traffic from search engines whilst we also work on your SEO efforts.

eCommerce SEO


Do you run an eCommerce website and want to expand nationwide or even sell internationally? Our eCommerce SEO techniques are ideal to help rank your products and product categories capturing more sales and traffic for your business.

Review funnels


Online reviews are one of the most important aspects of your brand and this is especially true for local businesses. We can help you set up a “review funnel” to make it easy for your customers to leave you reviews and then have these reviews automatically integrated into your website thus helping improve conversions and bolstering your online reputation.

Voice search optimisation

Voice Search SEO

With the rise of mobile and voice assistant platforms making sure search engines can understand your content and present information in the form of audio is becoming more important.

AGR Technology can help you markup your content making it “voice friendly” and very easy for a search engine to understand exactly what your pages are about.

Local map ranking (GMB/GBP listings)

Local SEO To Boost Visibility

With more and more searches being made locally having an extended search presence within platforms like Google Maps and Bing Places is also quite important.

According to the following data collected by Google:

Over the last two years, searches for local places without the qualifier “near me” have grown 150%, faster than comparable searches that do not include “near me.”

AGR Technology has extensive experience with advanced local SEO which will benefit your core website as well as listing in Google Maps to help capture more local traffic from strategic cities, towns, and suburbs.

Local linkbuilding & citations


Online citations are essentially branded mentions of your business NAP (Name, Address, and phone number) and form an important part of developing a consistent off-page presence around the web.

These citations are especially important for local SEO as search engines draw data from many platforms to aid them in ranking businesses in certain areas. We have a lot of experience securing high-quality citations and deploying new methods to help you continuously collect new ones for your business website and the locations you service/operate in.

We can also help you identify and execute link building strategies within your area helping you get more localised links for your SEO campaign.

Algorithm update management


Search engines particularly Google are quite frequent in the changes they make to their search algorithms and make many changes throughout each year some with public announcements and others silently in the background.

It is not always in Google’s best interests to make changes to their ranking criteria available to website owners. If we all knew exactly what was needed in order to rank first for any given keyword, everyone would do it, making ranking web pages with a fixed approach impossible.

We constantly monitor industry changes and our own data across a variety of websites in different markets to keep on top of new changes and are constantly refining our processes to improve with changing algorithms and new factors that come into effect.

Improving E-A-T (Expert Authority Trust)


E-A-T stands for Expert-Authority-Trustworthiness and is a key Google recommendation for best practice web content. AGR Technology assures that E-A-T and, more recently, E-E-AT principles are followed to move your website to the top of the ladder utilising organic methods.

Ongoing maintenance and reporting


With the ever-changing search engine algorithms it’s important to constantly maintain SEO efforts. We will work with you to maintain your rankings and provide regular reporting.

In addition, we will advise you of strategic findings to help you grow in the future.

Donโ€™t just rank for a handful of keywords dominate your entire niche with our experience

Your success is our success which is why when you work with AGR Technology we will set up your SEO campaign to maximize the rankings for your business across your entire website allowing you to rank for many variations and potential keyword opportunities.

We approach SEO as a holistic strategy ensuring it works in synergy with all your other digital marketing systems and compliments the work you are already doing or may do in the future allowing our strategy to scale with you as you grow your business.

SEO will help you:

  • Generate more relevant leads and sales
  • Increase brand exposure to your target audience
  • Capture more market share online
  • Reach more people in Canberra, surrounding towns, and other strategic locations

Running a business is hard enough so let the AGR Technology team help as we take care of all the technical tasks such as:

– Creating a content strategy

– Research appropriate industry keywords and competitors

– Make necessary tweaks to your website code for maximum ranking benefits

– Distribute branded content and assist you with digital PR

– Improve your website performance and structure

– Acquire brand mentions & links from quality websites that are relevant to what you offer

– Identify any other opportunities to help you rank better in the major search engines



Just getting started and not sure whatโ€™s right for your business?


If your looking to get an SEO strategy in place for your business but are not sure where to start simply book a call with our team where we can discuss your requirements and formulate a custom-made monthly package so your website can start benefiting from SEO right away.

Donโ€™t hire another โ€œmarketing guruโ€ but someone who cares about your business

When you work with us you can rest assured that you wonโ€™t be working with another SEO guru or digital marketing agency who will promise the world but someone who cares about your long-term success and will work with you to make that a reality.

Google evaluates your website using over 200 different algorithmic factors. How are you going to keep up with all of this?

AGR Technology can take care of this for you so your team doesn’t need to worry about SEO and can focus on delivering great products and services while we act as your SEO team in the background helping you rank across Canberra and other places.

We strive to be a leading SEO company in Canberra and other areas we serve by innovating and building our own in-house technology to help our clients with their online success.

Industries we can work with:



Other digital marketing systems to kickstart your growth


In addition to SEO the team at AGR Technology can provide a range of other marketing solutions such as Influencer marketing and paid advertising to further grow your online brand. Contact us to find out how Influencer marketing and paid advertising can help boost your business all over the world.

For long-term revenue growth, Canberra businesses can rely on an effective SEO company and partner in your business.

Get in contact with our team today!

Working with leading technologies to empower your Canberra business


When you work with AGR Technology you can be assured that we are constantly up-to-date and deploy leading technologies in our own business allowing us to provide this advantage to you. We are proficient in a number of technologies and frameworks such as the ones shown below:

Let’s work together today and help get your website ranking at the top of search results with SEO in Canberra!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What industries can you work with for SEO?

AGR Technology has worked with a range of different types of businesses primarily focused on the SME sector (small to medium businesses) however can work with a number of industries such as travel and tourism, legal, finance and others as long as search is a primary channel used by customers looking for your business then we can certainly work with you to help improve that discovery within search engines.

How long does SEO take before I can expect to see some results?

SEO is a long-term investment that needs to be conducted as an ongoing marketing channel for best results. The time it takes before you start seeing results will vary depending on the following factors:

  • The age of your website
  • Whether you have had SEO done before  or if your site has never had any SEO applied
  • The size of your website which will usually determine how much work is involved
  • Level of competition in your industry or location
  • Whether your competitors have engaged in SEO before or are actively performing SEO on their websites

All of the factors above will ultimately determine the time required to rank and improve rankings which may be shorter or longer depending on your specific business circumstances.

Generally, we start seeing ranking jumps after 3-4 months of work however this can be greater or shorter.

What are your fees and payment terms do you have lock-in contracts?

We pride ourselves on being flexible and hence don’t offer fixed pricing packages but instead create a customised package for your business based on different components we have found to be effective allowing you to easily scale up or down as required during your campaign.

We don’t provide lock-in contracts or retainers and offer month-to-month subscriptions for our services so you can rest assured you are not locked into a rigid plan that doesn’t adapt to your business.

What types of tools do you use within your Canberra SEO campaigns?

Our SEO agency employs a variety of different SEO tools to aid your Canberra SEO campaign including some custom-developed in-house tools/platforms allowing us to capture lots of valuable data to give you an advantage over the competition in your market.

How is my Canberra SEO campaign measured for success?

We will help set up analytics and reporting software for you if not already in place and provide monthly reports for you which will showcase traffic, user demographics, and search terms used to help find your website allowing you to keep track of the whole campaign.

I have had some bad SEO practices applied in the past and my website is penalised in search results can you help me?

SEO is constantly changing and you may have had some work done in the past which is no longer good practice and may have blacklisted your website in search results.

If this is the case you likely have a penalty, we can help you recover and get your site back in search again by fixing various issues such as:

  • Addressing technical issues
  • Cleaning up and or disavowing toxic backlinks
  • Making amendments to content on your website
  • Submitting reconsideration requests

Here to support your businesses in Canberra and beyond


Image Credits: CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Whether youโ€™re a local business, small business owner or large enterprise our SEO solutions will help maximize your online presence allowing you to scale your business and reach new heights.

We are able to service businesses all over Australia in addition to CanberraQueanbeyan

Background information & resources about the city of Canberra:

Click here for driving directions

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Canberra is Australia’s capital city. It was formally named Canberra in 1913, following the federation of the colonies in 1901. Indigenous Australians had lived in the area chosen as the capital for up to 21,000 years. Canberra’s estimated population in June 2021 was 453,558 people.

Because of its mountainous location, Canberra is the only city on mainland Australia where snow-capped mountains can be seen in winter.

It is an entirely planned city, which is unusual among Australian cities. The Griffins’ design included geometric motifs and was centered on axes aligned with topographical landmarks like Black Mountain.

Source cited:

โ€œCanberra.โ€ Wikipedia. August 27, 2001. Accessed August 28, 2022.

Online map links from around the web:

Google Map | Bing Map | Openstreetmap | Digital Map From The ACT Government

Current weather for the area:

Local news:

Google search & product news

Local points of interest  in Canberra:


National Library Of Australia

Image source: Grahamec, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons



Old Parliament House


Image Source: Bidgee, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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