How to find wifi password on Windows



If you have used Windows for quite some time then at some point you may have required your wireless password  to connect a new device but can’t remember what the password was.

If this sounds familiar then this guide will walk you through the process of quickly and easily recovering your wireless password for any network you have connected to in the past.

This was an issue I personally encountered many times which is why I wanted to create a utility which would help others facing the problem as well, without further ado this guide will take you through the process of finding these passwords.

Getting started


To get started head go ahead and click on the red download button below which will immediately start the download process.


if you can’t open the file then you may require an archiving program such as 7-zip although if your using Windows 7 or higher you can simply use the built-in archive manager.

Once opened go ahead and extract all the files to any location, this program is 100% portable so it can even be ran from a USB drive without requiring installation.

check wifi password

After running the main .exe file you will see the following splash screen from here the program will go off and start searching the system for passwords and compile them all into a text file in the same folder as the program for quick access.

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Once complete you will then be able to see the SSID (name of the network) and the password which you can easily print out or copy/paste for quick reference.

I hope you found this useful, if so be sure to check out our software and videos for more.

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