How to subscribe to an RSS feed

how to subscribe to an rss feed

So what is RSS and why do I need it?

Really Simple Syndication, more commonly known as RSS is a internet protocol which enables you to easily get summaries of content across websites and have that data sent to you in a personalized feed to keep up-to-date with new content you may be interested in.  The agrtechnology website provides RSS functionality for readers wanting to use it. This guide will explain the basics of RSS as well as how to subscribe to an RSS feed so you too can enjoy the benefits of centralized content which updates automatically.

How to subscribe to an RSS feed

Before you can subscribe to an RSS feed you need the feed address which you can place into a suitable program which will read it for you. There are a multitude of different software utilities available for desktop and mobile devices which support the RSS protocol and can connect to such feeds.

One program you may want to use is called Feedly and supports Android & iOS as well as desktop computers through a web based panel where you can organize your feeds but feel free to use any other program for the task.

Finding the feed url


Most blogs and or websites provide a link in the footer called “RSS” or provide a button to labeled “subscribe to feed”, clicking on this will open a new page which will have a bunch of code. Copying this address in your browser and pasting it into your program of your choice will add the feed for that specific website.

This website’s feed can be found over at: which will work on any RSS reader application including Feedly as mentioned above. Once you have the feed added to your program whenever the website publishes any new content it will be picked up by your reader and you will be able to read the title and then if you choose to read the article it will either open in your browser or open inside the application for you to easily read.

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Now you should be able to unlock the power of RSS and keep updated across all your favorite websites quickly and easily. Has this tutorial helped you out? if so be sure to share it with your friends below or check out the blog for more tutorials and follow our social profiles.

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