PAD Files



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This page contains links to individual PAD files for all software provided by AGR Technology, the PAD protocol is a file type which contains information about a software product including:

  • Software name
  • Version
  • Download link
  • Company name/website
  • Filesize
  • Category of the program (e.g. Network tools)
  • Description

If you are a software portal/directory and would like to include our software in your index you are welcome to download the following files which can then be read with compatible software and added to your own website.

Follow the links below to download the PAD files for the corresponding software you would like to add to your index or directory.

Download links

Hashtoolbox: A free open-source utility to help you quickly find hashes for different files on your computer.

Download PAD File here


SmartPass: A free utility to generate random secure passwords.

Download PAD File here


WiFi Password Recovery Tool: Command-line tool for Windows to help recover passwords for networks you have connected to.

Download PAD File here

Windows Product Key Finder: Quickly and effortlessly recover your Windows product key as needed

Download PAD File here