How to play Flash games after Adobe discontinues Adobe Flash Player



On the 31st of December Adobe will be finally pulling the plug and formally making Adobe Flash Player End Of Life (EOL).

Going into 2021 and beyond many major browsers like Google Chrome and FireFox will also start removing support for Flash marking the end of an era.

A bit of background

Adobe Flash Player Archive

For more than a decade Flash was a de-facto choice for many games and multimedia content embedded across thousands of websites including many arcade game websites.

After the advent of the iPhone and rise of mobile Flash slowly lost ground to web-based opensource technologies like HTML5 which didn’t have the overhead and security vulnerabilities that plagued Flash for many years.

With the software gone many old games and multimedia content will stop working so this post will go over some ways to keep playing games after support is gone completely.

Playing Flash games after the software disappears

Option 1: Use a Flash Archive on an old machine

One solution is to simply use a copy of the official Flash software on an older computer, despite been discontinued AGR Technology has published a Flash Archive which contains the last version of Flash which can be downloaded for use on another computer.

We don’t recommend using this on your main computer but instead on an older offline computer or within a Virtual machine using something like VirtualBox.

Option 2: Use the online tool from

If you don’t have an older computer lying around and you just want to play some games then this next option from the official site will help.

To get started head on over to this page:

From here directly in your browser you can play different archived games through a Flash emulator as shown below:
Demo of the Flash emulator from
While not all games will be available contains a large collection of archived games which is regularly been added to.


We hope you found this post to be useful and can still enjoy some of the classic games and older content made from times gone by.

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