Adobe Flash Player Archive

Adobe Flash Player Archive


Once the preferred choice for online video and interactive content Adobe’s Flash Player product was widely used around the web by all kinds of different websites. As time progressed however Flash has had a number of issues plaguing the software such as multiple security vulnerabilities, mobile compatibility issues and been a proprietary platform locking-in developers and publishers.

With the rise of mobile and open standards like HTML5 Flash has been discontinued by Adobe and won’t be available for download. Whilst many websites and games have already made the transition there is still a large number of legacy applications and games that depend on this technology.

This page has been created to provide the final version of Flash for download in order to continue running older legacy software if required. We don’t recommend using Flash in your browser or main system but instead recommend using a virtual machine for this purpose in order to safely isolate your system but continue to run older games or software.

For more information go this Wiki which covers the Flash technology in more detail.



Filename: flashplayer32_a_install.exe

MD5 hash: 6331a3bfe47233560a72da2855616285

Filename: flashplayer32pp_a_install.exe

MD5 hash: 4b3f96b3138ff834f8673efde9bb771f


Filename: install_flash_player_osx.dmg

MD5 hash: 1e0e2ed38de5abdb60d4e14da6eb9240

Filename: install_flash_player_osx_ppapi.dmg

MD5 hash: 01276b441efca664141d42dc9680a2be


Filename: flash_player_npapi_linux.x86_64.tar.gz

MD5 hash: 86a40a0464fbd3ae85b6376aa794e79a

Filename: flash-player-npapi-

MD5 hash: 8e5bf1b41f50461dab5878f5196c97fb

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