Google Easter Eggs 2016 Edition!

With Easter on today I figured what better time to create a segment of some great Google Easter eggs, throughout the years the team at Google have constantly come up with some funny and at times interesting hidden gems in their products. Here is a selection of 25 different Easter eggs, unfortunately some other great ones have being removed and no longer working but at the time of writing all these Easter eggs work in 2016 and have being tested on the Google Chrome browser on both Windows & Linux.


Bletchley Park: This is a place located within the United Kingdom which served as the centre for British cryptographers during the second world war.

Bletchley park was known for deciphering and intercepting communications from enemy forces. Simply search for “Bletchley park” on Google search to see the icon decode animation.


Zerg Rush: This is another classic which originates from the Starcraft gaming franchise from Blizzard, any player will be familiar with the zerg rush attack strategy, to activate this simply type “zerg rush” on Google search and press enter to start the Easter egg.


Flip a coin: This very simple Easter egg shows a coin and an option to flip it either heads or tails, to activate simply search “flip a coin” on Google search.

Roll a die: Much like flip a coin this Easter egg will display a dice which you can roll, simply search for “roll a die” on Google search to activate it.



Once in a blue moon: Ever heard the phrase once in a blue moon, searching Google for “once in a blue moon” will return the answer.


Next go to Google search and type in “Answer to life the universe and everything” you will be presented with the number 42 according to the book “The hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy”.



Conway’s game of life: Searching Google for “Conway’s game of life will display an old style game on screen representing population.


Harlem Shake: To activate this just go to YouTube and type “do the harlem shake” now just wait and the whole page will do the harlem shake indeed.


Anagram: This next Easter egg is a simple joke from Google just type “anagram” and Google will ask you if you meant “nag a ram”.



Google in 1998: This is an archived version of Google’s original search engine, to activate it simply type “Google in 1998” and hit enter you can also click links to view the history of Google and its services.

Google Pirate: Go to this link and you will notice a slightly modified version of the search engine with pirate phrases.



Dinosaur game: This is great for when you don’t have access to the Internet, simply open chrome and press the up arrow to start the dinosaur game, press enter and away you go.

Doge meme: For this simple easter egg go to YouTube and type “doge meme”, now you will see a slightly changed colourful page with links relating the popular doge meme.

Loneliest number: Simply search Google for:  “The Loneliest Number” on the search and you will get 1



Google Space: Simply search for Google space and click the first link to have a zero gravity styled search engine

Pacman: Go to Google and search for “Google Pacman” and click the first link to enjoy a classic game of Pacman


UFO Map: This Easter egg is pretty cool go to Google Maps and paste this code: 45 42’11.97″N 21 18’7.81″E and choose Google Earth view to find a UFO.



Atari breakout: This is one of my favourite Easter eggs around, simply go to Google images and search for Atari breakout and press enter, waiting a second or two and bam! you can now enjoy an old styled retro arcade game.


Smiley face: To activate this go to Google maps and paste this code in: 43 25’44.84″N 80 19’51.12″W  and press enter, next go to the bottom left and choose Google earth view and zoom in.

Ultimate number: Searching Google for “what’s the ultimate number” and you will get 42 according to the book “Hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy”


Screenshot from 2016-03-28 21:45:42

YouTube flashing buttons: For this trick to work go to any YouTube video and enter full-screen mode then quickly type AWESOME on your keyboard all in capital letters and then exit fullscreen mode, you should now notice the play button, progress bar and settings flashing a rainbow colour.


Google Sphere: This sweet trick can be activated by searching Google for “Google Sphere” and then clicking the first link from the Mr Doob website, now you have a fully interactive search engine which rotates as you move your mouse.

Basketball: Simply search Google for “Google Basketball ” and click the link to the Google Doodle to play the game, just press the space bar to shoot the ball into the hoop and away you go.

google terminal

Google Terminal: If your an or old time MS-DOS user you would have most likely spend a fair bit of time in the terminal, any long-term power user will appreciate this cool Easter egg. Simply search Google for “Google Terminal” and click the first link wait a few seconds and a retro looking search engine will appear all in ASCII-styled text.