Replace Kinguser with SuperSU

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For many people who have successfully acquired root access on their Android device you would have used a particular tool or method, as each Android device is different a number of different tools and files exist for different phones & tablets.

In my last tutorial I covered a range of universal tools for a huge number of Android devices, one such tool was Kingroot which works great on non-mainstream devices which previously were un-rootable.

Many users however are frustrated that after using Kingroot they are left with an app called Kinguser and a bunch of other Chinese applications, while these do work the same way as the traditional SuperSU many people would like to remove Kinguser and instead use SuperSU.

Kinguser and other associated applications are often in another language and generally difficult to remove, thus many power users would like to get rid of these and install Chainfire’s SuperSU application. This can be done using the following steps:


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In this guide we will look at the easiest and fastest way to rid your phone of Kingroot and install SuperSU without losing root access.

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Using an app called Super-Sume Pro we are able to remove Kinguser in just one click unlike many other methods which require scripts and ADB, to get started head over to the playstore link here and install the app on your smartphone.

Next open it and if prompted by Kinguser press authorize

Super sume

After granting access simply press the big Android icon to start the process, be sure to press allow if additional popups appear and make sure your battery is charged fully to prevent failure.

Once done you should receive a confirmation of success, now just go to your app menu and find SuperSU and open it.

Once launched you will be prompted to update the “SU binaries” and then just press normal on the next screen to install the remaining files.


Once done simply reboot your device, upon boot you should now notice Kinguser and other associated apps gone from your device. To make sure you still have root access go to the Playstore and download this app, open it and press check root. If all is well you should get a prompt from SuperSU to allow or deny permission, just press grant and you will have full root access on your Android device.