How AGR Technology can help you with VueJS:


VueJS is a popular programming language built on top of the Javascript framework and is very lean and performance optimised.

VueJS has many use cases in modern software development and can be used to construct a variety of web applications.

By making use of HTML like syntax the technology can be leveraged in front-end applications and create beautiful looking web pages that contain more advanced functionality such as forms, file uploads, transition animations and much more.

We are AGR Technology love VueJS and can use it to help build a custom software application for your business.

We can help you with the following:

  • Build fast mobile friendly one-page websites and apps (SPA)
  • Build administration dashboards/panels
  • Create ordering forms
  • Create a search interface
  • Create proof of concept or MVP designs for an app
  • Design and build Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s)

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VueJS development services


If your after VueJS development services for your business AGR Technology has you covered, using our years of software development and project management experience we can help build your ideal web application.

AGR Technology is based in Australia however can operate globally helping businesses in other English speaking markets such as the USA, UK, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is VueJS front end or backend?

VueJS is a front-end framework designed to be used as the main graphical interface that end-users interact with as opposed to a backend which handles data driven operational tasks.

Is VueJS similar to HTML?

Yes, VueJS renders it’s content in HTML by default so it can function across all web browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It also has provisions to render in JSX instead if required.

Which applications can you develop with Vue.js?

We can help build a wide variety of applications inside VueJS or other frameworks such as SPA’s (Single page apps), simple web apps such as form submissions or large scale complex web based apps with many different types of functionality.

A bit of background about this Javascript framework

Declarative rendering and component composition are the main foci of Vue.js’ progressively flexible architecture.
The view layer is the only area of attention for the core library.

Officially maintained supporting libraries and packages provide advanced features needed for complicated applications, such as routeing, state management, and build tooling. By adding HTML elements known as directives, Vue.js enables HTML extension.

The directives, which can be either built-in or user-defined, provide functionality to HTML applications. Evan You developed Vue after utilising AngularJS in multiple projects while working for Google.

The project’s initial source code commit was made in July 2013, and Vue was first made available in February of the following year, 2014. Most of the names of the versions are inspired from manga and anime, which are primarily found in the area of science fiction.


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