Learning Experience Platform (LXP)


Learning Experience Platform Explained

Learning Experience platforms are primarily AI-driven pieces of software designed to help improve traditional LMS technology by focusing on user behavior and fine-tuning the learning process accordingly with the hope of increasing engagement and productivity.

As opposed to LMS platforms that are primarily focused on the educator or business LXP places 100% of its emphasis on the end-user and how they consume the course material.

What’s the purpose of a Learning Experience Platform?


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The purpose of a Learning Experience Platform is to offer a more personalized approach to the traditional LMS User Interface and incorporate other features like social networking to bring in a wider variety of content sources including but not limited to:

  • Blog articles
  • Industry articles & whitepapers
  • Videos
  • Audio files
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts and more

LXP software can also make recommendations to end-users on new course material they are interested in and present it in a way best suited to how that end-user learns best.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) allows for personalized learning for users based on their previous activity, stated goals, or inferred learning style.
An LXP may also support individual peer-based social learning. This enables users to connect with peers or experts in the same way that social networking platforms, forums, and other online communities do.

Common features

Common Learning Experience Platform Functionality

Content curation

Machine-generated suggestions can be integrated in order to help bring in highly customized learning content curated based on the user’s preferences and history which may include external resources from across the web or course material that is rated high or is within relevant categories the end-user is subscribed to.

Web analytics & tracking

Like LMS technology an LXP will normally have built-in web analytics functionality in order to track and measure user engagement for students.

Some data that may be captured can include:

  • Time taken to complete a course
  • Most frequently accessed pages/modules
  • Which features of the software are most commonly used
  • Whether or not certain portions of the interface take longer to be completed which could indicate that the end-user is having difficulty using the platform

Chatbots & software assistants

Some LXP solutions include built-in chatbots or assistants usually powered by AI which enable users to ask questions 24/7 and be given answers in real-time to questions or referred to appropriate support documentation.

Cloud document management

Like an LMS usually the functionality to be able to create, edit and manage documents is included and done via the cloud so it can be accessed across multiple devices and operating systems/environments.

Gamification & user engagement features

Similar to games gamification functionality is built-in to most platforms in order to boost user engagement with educational material.

Some gamification features may include:

  • Badges
  • Achievements and awards
  • Points or account upgrades

LXP statistics & quotes

Learning Experience Platform (LXP) Market” size is projected to reach Multi-million USD by 2028

(Source: marketgrowthreports.com)


In 2020, China accounted for over 30% of the learning experience platform market in Asia Pacific

(Source: LinkedIn Pulse)


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