Microsoft Office 365




  • Scalable and customisable email in the cloud
  • Options to work anywhere with various applications like Microsoft Word, Outlook, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Exchange online
  • Cost efficient pay-as-you-go pricing options

How AGR Technology can help you with Microsoft Office 365:

  • Help protect your business from spam with added security in the cloud
  • Setup alias, user accounts, forwarders and more
  • Setup emails on your mobile devices and different devices
  • Assist you with migrations from or to Office 365 from other mail servers

Our monthly Office 365 management service


• Reset User Passwords
• Change a User Name
• Delete an Account
• Edit Mailbox Permissions
• Forward Mail to an Alternative Mailbox
• Reset Multi-Factor Authentication configuration
• Delegate Mailbox Access

Ad-Hoc Reports

• Multi-Factor Enabled/Disabled Users
• Login Reporting
• Per-Mailbox user delegation rights
• Licensing Use
• User Summary
• Mailbox storage usage

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Microsoft 365 vs Office 365: what’s the difference?

Office 365 is a cloud based suite of products offered by Microsoft as a subscription that includes web based versions and desktop versions of apps like Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, Onedrive and Onenote.

Microsoft 365 however is a bundle of services that includes Office 365, Windows and other enterprise offerings from Microsoft each in their own respective pricing tiers.

Is Office 365 free?

No this is offered on a subscription basis (yearly) that includes a license for all the office apps by Microsoft and Onedrive storage.

Which Operating Systems are supported by Office?

At the time of writing office apps are only compatible with the following platforms: Windows, macOS, iOS and Android with the mobile apps having less functionality compared to their desktop counterparts.

Can I get a personal license or is there only business licenses?

Yes at the time of writing Microsoft offer both personal single user licenses as well as business licenses each offered on a yearly subscription.

Some background information about the platform:

Microsoft first announced Office 365 in October 2010, beginning with a private beta with various organisations. On February 27, 2013, the Office 365 platform was updated with the release of Office 2013. Plans were initially designed for small businesses and enterprises, but were later expanded to include new plans aimed at various types of businesses and consumers.

On March 19, 2013, Microsoft revealed plans to integrate Office 365 with the enterprise social networking platform Yammer. In June 2013, the ability to connect to a Yammer network from an Office 365 portal was introduced.

Power BI is primarily integrated into Excel, allowing users to create spreadsheets and graphs using data using the Power Query tool. The users will be able to ccess and publish reports, as well as perform natural language queries on data if required.

Microsoft have began rebranding Office 365 into Microsoft 365 to bring more unification between the Windows Operating System and Office brands.


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