Project Management System



Project management software or PMS as it is abbreviated is a broad category of software that can help with resource planning, organisation, and management, as well as resource estimation.

Other features include:

  • Cost control
  • Budget management
  • Resource allocation
  • Communication & collaboration
  • Quality & time management
  • Decision making & administration systems

These types of software applications are very common in a range of businesses and be run locally or in the cloud as a custom web application.

Brief history


The introduction of the Harmonogram in 1896 marks the first historically significant year for the development of project management processes. Karol Adamiecki, a Polish economist, attempted to depict task development in a floating chart, laying the groundwork for project management as we know it today.

1912 was the year when Henry Gantt replaced the Harmonogram with the more advanced Gantt chart. Today’s Gantt charts are almost the same as their original counterparts, and are a part of many project management systems.

Prior to 1954, when US Air Force General Bernard Adolph Schriever introduced it for military purposes, the term “project management” had not been widely used. In the years since, project management has grown in importance in the business world, owing in large part to the formation of the American Association of Engineers AACE (1956) and Rang and DuPont’s Critical Path Method for calculating project duration.

The appearance of the Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT) in 1958 is also associated with the trend. PERT took project monitoring a step further by allowing users to monitor tasks while also evaluating their quality and estimating the time required to complete them.

These techniques have since been translated into digital solutions & services to create what we regard as project management software.

With the trend of SaaS and the cloud beginning in 2008 many project management solutions have shifted to mobile and to the web, with users hailing it as one of the most adaptable type of software for their teams.

The first mobile project management apps were released in 2012, allowing users to apply for jobs while on the go.
With the introduction of the Internet of Things, project management has evolved to factor in testing technologies, development tools, and enhanced security.


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