False Positives in Anti-Virus Software


Please note that any software created on this website from AGR Technology is free from any malicious code, this includes trojans, worms, viruses and other various types of malware. Our software has been scanned and tested by reputable security software prior to upload onto the website. Due to the nature of Anti-Virus software relatively new programs as well as executable files are sometimes mistakenly detected as malware, also standard executable files in the form of a .exe file are generally viewed with caution by security software. As a result, some security tools are quick to judge our software as malware due to its lesser-known nature. A false positive is simply a detection of a security program that is false and often mistaken for another malicious file.

Why this happens

Anti-viruses are designed to look for programs that exhibit unusual behavior or that attempt to make remote connections and access areas of a computer which they shouldn’t normally have access to. Another technique which malware writers have used is to compress and encrypt their programs to make them harder to detect and thus evade security software.This practice of compression is also used by legitimate developers to optimize their code and reduce the overall file sizes for users downloading their programs.

What can you do

In the event, our software is flagged or fails to install as a result of security software installed on your computer we recommend you submit a false positive to your Anti-virus vendor or mark the program as safe during any potential pop-ups or messages. If you do believe the software infected we advise submitting the file to www.virustotal.com which scans files using a range source of security software, 1-2 detection’s should be treated as a false positive although numerous results should be viewed with caution. We encourage you to submit our software to VirusTotal and other security vendor websites if you are in doubt of the integrity of the files, doing this also helps support us so we can develop other useful software and information for you as the end-user. We will do our absolute best to ensure that your experience is not only great but secure as we constantly update and scan our systems to provide 100% clean and safe downloads.

In order to submit a file to your security vendor, you can often visit their respective websites and send them an email with the subject “False positive” and then attach a copy of the program there.

A guide on how to this can be found here: