How AGR Technology can help you with 3CX:

Been a software company AGR Technology can help build software solutions that integrate into your 3CX infrastructure as well as help with the following:

  • Integrate and setup live chat, SMS or Facebook Messenger into your website
  • Integrate 3CX into database software
  • Integrate 3CX into CRM software
  • Read CDR records programmatically
  • Create custom voice applications that utilize the 3CX call flow structure

Some background on the technology:

3CX phone system is a software platform IP (Internet Protocol) PBX that replaces traditional PBX telephony infrastructure within a business and operates over the internet.

It is built on the backbone of the SIP protocol and is compatible with standard SIP software and hardware phone units.

The service allows consumers to place calls through a VOIP service provider or over the conventional public telephone network.

In addition to the web-based configuration interface, it includes numerous advanced features like voicemail, auto-attendant, call tracking, and others that can be easily configured.

The software can run on premises within a Windows operating system, Linux operating system or in the cloud using technology such as Microsoft Azure cloud.

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