Schema Markup Generator (JSON-LD)

What is Schema markup?


Schema also known as JSON-LD is a type of structured micro-data which can be added to website pages and content to provide a level of context for search engine crawlers like Google, Bing and Yandex.

Schema therefore acts as a machine-readable summary of your content and what is about which helps search engines gather more information and can result in ranking boosts for your website.

Our free online tool will allow you to quickly and easily generate the appropriate markup code for a specified type of Schema so you can copy it and include it on your own website.

More technical information about the standard can be found on the official website which covers all the different types of markup that can be used and how they work.

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Why use Schema code on my page?

Improve SERP (Search Engine Result Page) Rankings

Having relevant markup included in your content can result in increased rankings for different pages on your website as the content will have more information then other competing pages that may not be optimised as well.

Increase click-through rates

Adding this type of code to your pages can help make search results more prominent such as FAQ drop downs as well as images videos and other features which helps make your pages more clickable in search results and can result in higher click through rates from visitors.

Potentially appear in rich snippets or the knowledge panel

Having the appropriate schema code across your website pages can potentially result in rich snippets whereby search engines will showcase a snippet above all search results along with a link to the full article.

Schema code can also help influence the knowledge panel which is the summary box search engines will display alongside brand searches or for informational queries.

What types of Schema markup can I use for my website?

There are a wide number of different Schema types that you can incorporate in your pages including the following:

Organization: The organization code will allow you to specify the business name, address, logo, social profiles as well as alternative names the business may have e.g. agrtech and AGR Technology.

This type of code also allows you to specify the type of organization which allows you to fine-tune the code based on your requirements such as an airline, educational business, non-profit or media organization.

Local Business: This is by far the most common  Schema code and works very similar to Organizations and allows you to specify a logo, phone number, address, zip code and price range.

Video Object: VideoObject Schema is made specifically for videos and embedded video content such as those from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion and includes information such as the length of the video, title, publish date and other metadata which includes information about the video and can result in more traffic and rankings for video content.

FAQ: Made specifically for frequently asked question pages and can potentially result in expanded menus in search results with your questions and answers for user queries.


Example of a live FAQ in search results:

Article: This includes basic information about an article been written such as the thumbnail image, title, description and publish date.

And many more such as Recipes, Person, AudioObjects (e.g. Podcasts, MP3’s etc)  and Events.

Example Schema code

Here is an embedded example of an FAQ schema code which you could apply to a page containing frequently asked question content.

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