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This free online web-based tool will allow you to easily generate your own custom map with location, desired height and width and then get a embed code to add to your own website.

Do I need an API key?

No, using our online tool you won’t need to worry about setting up an API key simply enter in your chosen location and hit get code to get a iframe embed code you can easily add to your own website.

Why embed Google Maps on your site?


Google Maps is one of the most popular online map applications and is widely used, by embedding a map on your website you can share the address for your business or home which will be responsive across desktop and mobile devices.

Other benefits include convenience to website users who can stay on the website to view the map rather than open a new tab and go to Google maps directly. Lastly users will be able to see nearby locations and utilize the street map feature to view the location up close.

Here are some other key reasons you might want to use this tool to embed a HTML widget on your site:

  • It assists end-users in easily finding the location they need
  • Makes it easy to find company information such as the phone number, address, website and other contact details that Google has on file for that business.
  • Display reviews and other information about a website/company
  • Identify surrounding locations, such as parking places, theatres, restaurants, malls or parks.
    Furthermore it helps site visitors see where each point is, making it easier to understand and easier to plan a trip.
  • Our tool and the Google Maps service is free
  • No plugins to install on your site
  • No API key required to get started

How to embed google map in html

In order to get the map embedded on your own website simply fill in your preferred address in the field above and fill out the other fields if required to enable satellite maps or adjust the size before choosing “generate code”.

From here you can copy and paste the google maps embed code and add it to your website in the sidebar, footer or any specific page. For detailed instructions on embedding this in popular CMS platforms such as WordPress or Blogger see this page: How to add widgets on your website

A brief history of the Google Maps service


Google Maps started out as a C++ desktop application at a company called Where 2 Technologies in 2004.
In October 2004, the company was acquired by Google, which transformed it into a web application.

Google Maps was launched in February 2005. The Google Maps mobile app for Android and iOS devices was subsequently launched in September 2008.

As of August 2013, it was identified as the most popular smartphone app in the world, with more than 54% of global smartphone owners using it at least once.

In the month of May 2017, the app reported having 2 billion Android users, alongside a number of other Google services, including YouTube, Chrome, Gmail, Search, and Google Play.

According to statistical data it had reached more than 1 billion monthly users in May 2017. Google Map Maker has allowed users in the past to work together thus expanding and updating service mapping worldwide, but has been discontinued since March 2017.

Crowdsourced contributions to the platform however were not discontinued as the company announced that these features would be transferred to the Google Local Guides program.


We hope you have found this tool to be useful, if so be sure to check out our services, blog and videos for more.

*Image & other credits

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