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This free online web-based tool will allow you to easily generate your own custom map with location, desired height and width and then get a embed code to add to your own website.

Why embed Google Maps on your site?

Google Maps is one of the most popular online map applications and is widely used, by embedding a map on your website you can share the address for your business or home which will be responsive across desktop and mobile devices.

Other benefits include convenience to website users who can stay on the website to view the map rather than open a new tab and go to Google maps directly. Lastly users will be able to see nearby locations and utilize the street map feature to view the location up close.

How to embed google map in html

In order to get the map embedded on your own website simply fill in your preferred address in the field above and fill out the other fields if required to enable satellite maps or adjust the size before choosing “generate code”.

From here you can copy and paste the google maps embed code and add it to your website in the sidebar, footer or any specific page. For detailed instructions on embedding this in popular CMS platforms such as WordPress or Blogger see this page: How to add widgets on your website


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Google Inc.SVG by Premeditated [Public domain] via Wikipedia Commons

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