Old Truecrypt archive


Truecrypt was a very popular opensource application used to encrypt data and create encrypted disk image files, in 2015 the application was discontinued. Since this time there have been numerous security audits to identify if there was any major vulnerabilities with none found.

This page was created to preserve the software and provide a historical download for anyone who may wish to use the last patched version of the software. More information about the program can be found here.



SHA-256: e95eca399dfe95500c4de569efc4cc77b75e2b66a864d467df37733ec06a0ff2

Mac OS X

SHA-256: 04db58b737c05bb6b0b83f1cb37a29edec844b59ff223b9e213ee1f4e287f586

Linux (x64)

SHA-256: 9357ab14733eeab3099aeae261dd860f0dbe192436d1cc4680ebaa47c36e1675

Linux (x86)

SHA-256: 864bfb021cb1119bd05018eda7546839361d7443ca5bc246aed2e7911bc230c0

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