VCF/Vcard File

What is a VCF (Vcard) file?


A VCF or Vcard file is a specialized file format typically used by mobile Operating Systems like Android & iOS to share contacts on the users device. This format is also used by many tools that backup and restore phone information and is a standard used across many different platforms.

Vcard files can contain custom fields but typically hold different types of information such as:

  • Contact name
  • Contact phone number
  • Contact icon
  • Email address or multiple email addresses
  • Mobile phone number
  • Custom description
  • Call logs from the specific contact

When you choose to share a contact from your phone and send it via your text messaging application the phone will convert the information into a .VCF file for easy importing into the recipient device. VCF files can be viewed in text editor programs and can be made from other filetypes like CSV’s, XLSX or XLS files.

Programs that can open .vcf files


  • Microsoft Windows Contacts
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Text editor programs
  • Apple Contacts
  • Freshbooks
  • Most backup & restore programs for mobile
  • Many other programs & tools

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