Introduction – What is a keyword?


Keywords refer to words used inside of content that is published on a website and can include a single word, plural or combination of words such as “where can I find the best hotel”. Keywords are an important part of any website build and online marketing campaign.

SEO professionals will research appropriate industry keywords when planning to increase rankings for a website.

Why are keywords important?

Keywords are important because they are very specific and determine the intention of a user who is using a search engine to find information.

For example a keyword with “where can I buy” for example often has high commercial intent and is likely to lead to a sale if the user lands on the page and finds what he or she is looking for.

Alternatively a keyword such as “the best lawyer in Sydney” is likely the result of someone comparing options and researching before making a purchasing decision.

Lastly a keyword such as “who was the first president in the US” is more informational and is someone researching to find an answer to a question and is unlikely to be commercial.

Businesses can benefit there online marketing campaigns by hiring a professional to conduct keyword research for their business to help prospective customers find them more easily.


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