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Here you’ll find a list of all categories on the AGR Technology website with quick links to explore each section of the blog.


Software Guides

This category contains all guides on using our different software utilities including how to set up and use our programs along with information on their features.



In this category, you will find various information about business technology such as:

Point Of Sale



Food / Hospitality Technology

Enterprise technology

Cloud Computing

Digital Marketing

Office Supplies & Workflow

SEO and much more.


Cyber Security

This section of the blog covers all areas of security and aims to help you secure your data, safeguard your system from malware and keep you informed of new threats to your privacy and personal computing security.

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

This section covers various topics around the emerging Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency space and includes news, guides, and other resources.


Fintech / Financial technology

This area on our site seeks to cover the Fintech space as well as all of the various sorts of technologies that are disrupting the financial industry, such as cryptocurrency, blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing, to mention a few.


Loans & Financing



Explore different tips, tricks, hacks, and fixes for different aspects of the Windows operating system.

How to update linux


The Linux category covers all things Linux and helps you discover tips and tricks for one of the best operating systems around.



Here you will find general tips to learn more about your devices and find new tricks and ways to fix errors, unlock new features and find general recommendations to improve your tech.



Find a selection of tutorials, hacks, and ways to customize your Android device to unlock its full potential.



This category covers the Apple Mac operating system and includes tips, tricks and fixes to help improve your mac experience as well as find fixes to different problems you may encounter.



Here you will find tips, tricks, and guides for Apple’s iOS operating system to help improve your iOS experience across the iPhone, iPod, and iPad.


Best Hub (Best products & services)

The best hub focuses on providing lists of what we consider to be the best products and services in their respective categories.


Data Recovery

This section focuses on recovering lost data across different operating systems and includes recommended tools, methods, and processes to help get your files back if they were lost.


Audio Technology

This section of our blog focuses on audio technology such as podcasting, speakers, soundbars and other types of audio hardware and software.

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