AGR Technology has acquired the domain name

AGR Technology has acquired the domain name , signalling our intention to expand our Crypto and Blockchain content and publication operations.

We hope that by acquiring the domain, we will be able to expand our online presence in the rapidly developing field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, as well as discuss various technologies and resources such as selecting the best Crypto exchanges in Australia, finding quality Crypto exchanges in New Zealand, and other places to buy Crypto in Norway and buy Bitcoin & Crypto assets in Dubai/UAE.

SwissVite was a Vite decentralized partner that provides infrastructure to the Vite network which is a Blockchain project that adopts a message-driven, asynchronous architecture and a DAG-based ledger.

Vite is a zero-fee Blockchain of its own for web3 applications and has “cross chain” compatability meaning that it can work with other Blockchains such as Etherium (ETH) and Solana with the help of “ViteBridge”.

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