AGR Technology has acquired the domain name

AGR Technology has acquired the domain name, indicating our goal to grow our range of Crypto and Blockchain content and publishing initiatives.

By obtaining the domain, we hope to expand our online presence in the fast-developing area of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and discuss various technologies and resources such as choosing the best Crypto exchanges in Australia, Finding quality Crypto exchanges in New Zealand and other places to buy Crypto in Norway and Bitcoin in Dubai/UAE.

AGR Technology intends to provide a valuable resource hub for fans, investors, and professionals interested in staying up to speed with the latest trends and advances in this dynamic industry by using our experience and resources in the IT space.

To quote from the original website the project set out to accomplish the following:

BOBATAMA, a meme-based token inspired by Star Wars’ Boba Fett, is now available on the Ethereum network. It features a smart contract, liquidity development algorithm, and native token reflection distributions. BOBAMASK, the utility, is the first EVM-compliant multi-chain wallet with Force Ghost technology for anonymous blockchain transactions.


How the website used to look:

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