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If you enjoy the content and software on this website and would like to contribute or join the community then there are several ways in which you can help. Our mission is to build useful software and create useful resources around technology and help you to achieve the most from your devices and unlock the true potential through tweaks and other customizations.


The Discord server is a place to ask questions, make suggestions or submit any ideas for software, features or new content. Any new announcements such as software, videos or any other new information will be shared here. If you would like to come hang out, download Discord and then head over to this link to join the AGR Technology community.



All the open source software published on this website is hosted on GitHub if you would like to contribute code or follow development you can check out the official GitHub page here.

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We are social if you would like to follow us you can do so on different social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube and Instagram and many more.



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If you wish to link to a particular page as a resource on your own website we provide a page with some sample HTML code that you can easily add on your own website and share with your readers.