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–>Click here to get a free 15 day trial of the platform<–

–>Click here to get a free 15 day trial of the platform<–

How AGR Technology can help you with Vend:


Vend is one of the most popular point of sale platforms around and helps many small businesses such as retailers and restaurants to easily manage their inventory and accept payments from their customers.

Been a simple cloud based POS system it is very versatile and can suit a wide range of business environments.

We can help by:

AGR Technology can help you with your Vend system with the following:

  • Integrate Vend Point-Of-Sale into your eCommerce store to manage inventory
  • Integrate custom software with your Vend inventory system
  • Assist with the procurement and installation of a system through our partner network

Scalable multi-channel functionality as you scale up your business operations

Vend makes it simple to add new locations and registers as your business expands. All of Vend’s key features. A unified system of POS, inventory, and reporting, allows you to operate your stores as one, allowing you to fulfill orders from any store backed with eCommerce integrations enable fulfillment from any store with ease.

Make smarter decision with built-in reporting functionality

Vend features powerful reporting functionality allowing you to glean useful insights into sales. Insights into data can help improve profitability by monitoring key figures such as inventory levels, sales, sales margins, and more.

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Some background history of Vend

Vaughan Rowsell, a software company, founded Vend in August 2010. Vend raised NZ$8 million in investment from Australian and New Zealand investors in 2013. Vend raised $20 million (NZ$25 million) in Series B fundraising in 2014.

Vend supports integrations with other technology frameworks such as:

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